Независимо дали търсите автомобил за лични цели или бизнес нужди, дали ви е необходим нов или употребяван автомобил - лизингът предлаган от представителствата на ŠKODA ви дава възможността да управлявате най-новите модели от нашата гама. И така, какво прави лизинговите услуги на ŠKODA специални? Не се притеснявате за стойността на автомобила при последваща препродажба. Възползвате от допълнителни удобства при застраховането и следпродажбеното обслужване на автомобила си. Разходите ви са винаги предвидими, благодарение на постоянните месечни вноски. А опцията сами да променяте параметрите си по лизинговия ви договор, ви дава възможността да променяте плана спрямо текущите ви нужди.

Whether privately or for your business, whether new or used cars - leasing at ŠKODA means the opportunity to drive the latest vehicles from our range of models. Don’t worry about resale value. And benefit from the extensive optional service and package contents. The costs are easy to calculate thanks to constant monthly installations; the vehicle return is also DEKRA-certified. So what makes ŠKODA Leasing special? In many cases, leasing contracts can be concluded without an initial payment at the beginning of the contract (provided that your creditworthiness is good). Find out at a glance the advantages of ŠKODA leasing for private and business customers. Find out more in our guide on car leasing or search directly online for new or used vehicles that are immediately available in the leasing exchange.


Business customers have long appreciated the tax advantages and the good flexibility and predictability of ŠKODA business vehicle leasing. But leasing is also becoming more and more popular with private individuals. And not surprisingly, as it gives them enormous flexibility. After all, what is the likelihood that you will, for example, decide on new full financing every two years? Probably rather low! Leasing offers, on the other hand, are designed for a rather short period of time. This means that you need not commit yourself to one vehicle for a long time, but can drive the latest models at regular intervals.

Moreover, leasing is a valuable alternative for all those would rather avoid paying the full purchase price at once. Due to the lower monthly instalments compared to financing in most cases, you can often lease “more car” for your money than would be possible with classic full financing. For business customers, business leasing is a good way of being mobile while retaining capital that can be invested in the business thanks to low monthly instalments.


Конфигурирайте своя мечтан автомобил. Изберете предпочитан модел, облечете го в любимия си цвят, потопете се в комфорта на избрания интериор и добавете всички екстри, от които се нуждаете за да направите избраният модел, отговорящ изцяло на нужди ви. Започнете/ Конфигурирай сега.

Configure your dream car. Select your preferred vehicle or find a match according to your priorities and start configuring.

След като сте конфигурирали своя автомобил, изчислете само в няколко стъпки месечните вноски, които бихте могли да покриете. Proceed with the configuration of your dream car. Besides the total purchase price, the configurator conveniently calculates the monthly instalments.

You can change the parameters of financing and insurance clicking on “Financing Options”. 


At ŠKODA, we aim to help you find the right car for your budget. We've made it easy. Simply choose the model you want, specify the derivate, fuel type, engine and we'll do the rest.


Using instead of owning has become a popular approach. Drive your dream vehicle without having to pay the full purchase price - sounds impossible? Yet it can happen through leasing!



Whether new or used cars, if you want to drive your new ŠKODA as quickly as possible, you will find a large selection of vehicles in the ŠKODA Stock Cars and the ŠKODA Used Cars. Find out here how to choose your new car in just a few steps.


The ŠKODA Stock Cars has a huge selection of pre-configured new cars that are ready for delivery. Here you can select your desired model or vehicle type. The system shows you the exact number of new cars that are immediately available. The price tab lets you narrow down the vehicle selection to suit your budget. Set additional filters such as motor/gear type and colour. Once your selection is complete, you will be shown the ŠKODA partner from which you can pick up your new dream car.


You don’t want to leave anything to chance with your future dream car or do you already know exactly which details and properties the car should have? Simply configure your dream vehicle in the ŠKODA Car Configurator. Here you will find the “Choose financing option” button. You can choose a duration of 12 to 72 months and your desired annual mileage. Then continue as usual with the configuration of your dream car. In addition to the total purchase price, the configurator conveniently calculates the corresponding leasing instalments over the selected term.


The fastest way to your new ŠKODA. ŠKODA Used Cars supplies a large selection of dream cars. Find nearly new cars with just a few clicks here: we will guide you step-by-step through the simple buying process - from information and comparison to online purchase. We can also deliver your ŠKODA directly to your front door upon request. Set your budget under the price tab, select your desired model or vehicle type, set additional filters according to your preferences and finally receive a selection of available used vehicles.


You have completely configured your car and decided on a leasing term. In the next step, your leasing request will be submitted to the lessor. ŠKODA Leasing checks the request and the creditworthiness of the lessee. Next, the lessee and lessor conclude the leasing contract. Finally, your vehicle will be ordered, newly produced if necessary, and delivered to you or your ŠKODA dealer. Payment of the monthly instalments begins when the vehicle is delivered. These are always due in advance on the first of each month.

During the leasing, you use the vehicle as your own, you are the registered owner, you pay for vehicle tax and repairs. At the end of the leasing, you need not worry about selling the vehicle as it is returned to the dealer or lessor. As a rule, you cannot terminate a leasing contract before the end of the term. During the leasing term, there are various additional offers and options to calculate the costs even better: comprehensive insurance is mandatory for leasing. Upon damage, insurance will cover the damage incurred. ŠKODA offers you the option of integrating this insurance directly into your leasing contract. 

You can achieve even more planning and security through optional additional offers such as ŠKODA Service. With this offer, your vehicle undergoes inspections as per manufacturer’s specifications and essential wear repairs for a fixed monthly instalment. You can also extend the manufacturer’s warranty by up to 24 months. The courtesy car is included in the service package, so that you can remain mobile while your ŠKODA is fully serviced at the workshop.


You will find the latest offers at regular intervals in the ŠKODA Stock Cars or Used Cars. Regardless of whether it is a new or used car, getting to your dream vehicle takes four simple steps:

  1. Select vehicle
  2. Make a non-binding reservation with your ŠKODA partner
  3. Test drive and conclude a contract
  4. Drive off


Do you have any questions about financial services? Contact ŠKODA Financial Services directly.